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Sea Child was the name of a phibian who was abandoned by his people on the water-world of Buzzell, but was secretly rescued by the Bene Gesserit prisoner, Corysta.

Marked for Abandonment[]

The oceans of Buzzell have long contained cholister-rich beds of soostone-producing mussels. During the time of The Scattering, the half-fish/half-man race of phibians were introduced into its' waters. These phibians were well able to dive deep in the oceans and seas to harvest the precious soostone gems for human gatherers.

During the time of the Return of the Honored Matres, when the planet was under strict Matres control, a newborn phibian was marked by his clan for abandonment, and was left to die on the ultra-small seacoasts of the planet's main island. This is where Corysta labored under the chastisement of the Matres overlord, Skira. Corysta's job was to sort the stones the phibians brought to shore, and prepare them for packaging and transport off the ocean-planet.

Secretly Raised by Corysta[]

One day Corysta noticed the small abandoned phibian, and it reminded her of her own child that had been taken by the Bene Gesserit, decades earlier. Corysta secretly took the small phibian back to her hut on the other side of the tiny island, and nursed the creature back to health, and taught him to swim. She named the phibian, Sea Child.

After a small time had gone by, Corysta's raising of the phibian child was noticed by Skira, and the Matres leader came with subordinates to Corysta's hut. She kicked in the door and took Sea Child from Corysta's arms, frightening the phibian, and sent Corysta into a panikced moment. Skira taunted Corysta that she would lose "her second" child, unless she revealed the location of the Bene Gesserit current home-world, Chapterhouse. Corysta refused, but just as Skira was going to bring harm to Sea Child, a group of Phibians arose from the water. The clan of phibians looked at Sea Child carefully, and saw his mark of abandonment, but saw that he was somewhat self-sufficient, and could swim, and accepted Sea Child into their clan.

Skira let Sea Child go with the Phibian group, and taunted Corysta that she would never see Sea Child again, as he disappeared under the waves. Corysta, instead, was enheartened, as she realized that she had helped a poor outcast, and had helped him to accepted by his tribe.