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Duke Saudir II Harkonnen (d. 451 AG) of Eluzai was the son of usurper Saudir III.

He made his distant exiled relative Yevgeny Harkonnen Count of Hirtius, returned him to civilized space, and gave him a small estate on the planet Powys.

When his parents and siblings were overthrown in a rebellion and massacred, Saudir escaped and protected by Yevgeny who grew him as his son.

In 445 AG he organized a revolt of the provincial Sardaukar, and took the throne in a brief battle that deposed and exiled Sheuset II.

He was crowned as Saudir IV of the House of Rautha, and ruled six years before succumbing to an infected monkey bite.

He never married, and the Duchy of Eluzai became extinct at his death.

Preceded by
Sheuset II
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
445 AG - 451 AG
Succeeded by
Wallach I
Preceded by
Saudir III
Duke of Eluzai
389 AG - 451 AG
Succeeded by
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