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Saudir al-Harkonnen -Fanart

Saudir Harkonnen (d. 389 AG) was a descendant of Nikolai Harkonnen and father of four children, including Duke Saudir II Harkonnen. Saudir himself was perhaps Duke of Eluzai.

In 388 AG he usurped the throne from the Regent Henli I al-Qair and became Saudir III al-Harkonnen of the House of Rautha.

He designated Salusa Secundus as a prison planet in order to deal with the captives that Henli had spared during the Lishash Confederation rebellion.

He was himself overthrown and murdered in a palace revolt by the Sardaukar who rescued the blinded ex-emperor, Wallach I, from his prison cell, and restored him to his former position.

Saudir's family was butchered by the rampaging guards, who raped and then strangled his widow, battered three of his children against the walls of his bedroom, and even killed his pet birds. His son Saudir II however managed to escape the massacre.


Preceded by
Henli I al-Qair
Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe
388 AG - 389 AG
Succeeded by
Wallach I
Preceded by
Eventually Nikolai Harkonnen
Duke of Eluzai
? - 389 AG
Succeeded by
Saudir II