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The Sattva Codex (RRC 3-BG643) was considered by some a truly extraordinary document with a wealth of exhaustive detail and a breadth of continuity supplied by its addenda and appendices dating to the conclusion of the Butlerian Jihad. It was one of the priceless documents committed to the once secret archives of the Bene Gesserit.

The original document constitutes a concise chronicle outlining the origin, purpose, philosophy, and character of the Holy Council of Nine as it evolved under the inspired leadership of Mother Jehanne.

According to legend humanity's quest for truth before the Jihad had degenerated into a passion for accumulating and storing facts and data. This obsessive activity was encouraged and implemented by the machine mentality which dominated the times. With machines for testing veracity, men no longer searched within themselves for the eternal verities, the reality behind the illusion that is the phenomenal universe. In reaction to this soul-parching tendency, the Holy Council of Nine was formed as a sacred body of Reverend Mothers whose command of truthtrance imbued them with the power of Truthsayers.

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