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Juice of Sapho (Dune board game 1979 Avalon Hill)

Sapho - illustration from the 1979 Dune board game

Sapho, or more commonly the Juice of Sapho, was a high-energy liquid extracted from the barrier roots of a plant from Ecaz. Mainly consumed by Mentats, it amplified their mental powers. Users develop deep ruby stains on their mouth and lips.

Appearances in the Dune series[]

  • Dune (First appearance)

Appearances in adaptations[]

  • Dune (1984) - Piter de Vries drinks the juice and recites a poem
  • Dune (2021) - Piter de Vries drinking a swig (deleted scene)

The mentats' stained lips or stained centre of the lower lip in the older and newer film adaptations are meant to imply fairly regular consumption of Sapho juice, for stimulating mentat abilities.

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