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Mixed Canonicity
This article or section refers to elements from both Original Dune and Expanded Dune.

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Sandrider is the Fremen term for one who is capable of capturing and riding one of the great sandworms of Arrakis.

A Sandrider ready to catch a sandworm was called a Hookman, and a Sandrider riding a worm was called a Worm-Steersman.

In order to lead the Fremen, Paul Atreides had to become a sandrider. Normally, Fremen become sandriders by the age of twelve.

Original Sandrider[]

According to the Legends of Dune trilogy, the first Sandrider was a young Zensunni named Selim. Selim was exiled from his Sietch for water theft. However, Selim was not guilty of the crime but set up by a son of an elder village member. During his exile, Selim learned that if the segments of a worm were separated, then the worm would roll to keep the open wound from the abrasion of the sand. Using a small metal rod at first, Selim rode an ancient worm until the creature died. After several more rides, Selim decided it was not necessary to drive each worm he rode to death by exhaustion. He would then allow the worm to live, while he scurried to nearby rock formation to survive. Eventually, young Selim became known as Selim Wormrider.

Sandrider Terms[]

  • Ach: left turn.
  • Derch: right turn.
  • Geyrat: straight ahead.
  • Haiiiii-yoh!: command to action.