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S'tina Pilru (d. 10154 AG) was a Guild worker who lived on Ix, during the Suboid Revolt during the Tleilaxu takeover during the reign of Elrood Corrino IX. She was the wife of Ixian ambassador Cammar Pilru, and the mother of twin sons, D'murr Pilru and C'tair Pilru.

Before the Tleilaxu takeover of the planet, S'tina had been a minor Guild official working at the Guild Embassy Building on Ix, in the sub-terranean city of Vernii. For most of the teenage years of her twin sons, she had planned on them entering the Guild, and train as Navigators.

When the day came for both of her sons to take the Guild test, S'tina was highly nervous and anxious, as she was afraid both sons would pass the test -- and forever be lost to her. D'Murr had passed the test, had opened his mind to the wonders of the universe through melange, and she never saw him again. C'tair failed the test, kept his mind closed, could not imagine an expansive universe, and stayed on Ix.

Just a few short weeks later, however, in the initial attacks on Vernii City by the suboids and Tleilaxu soldiers, the Embassy Building where S'tina worked was dislodged from the stalactite ceiling by a massive bomb. Almost everyone in the Guild Bank building was killed, as was everyone who was below the massive structure when it hit the cavern floor. Since S'tina's body was never recovered, and the general Ixian populace was put into near slavery, it was assumed she died in the collapse.


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