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Rodane was a man from Salusa Secundus.

He was recruited as Vidad's Secondary, beside elderly Keats, while the Cogitor resided on Salusa Secundus, during the last years of the Butlerian Jihad.

After Vorian Atreides suggested the Great Purge, a massive assault against Omnius, Vidad sought to return to Hessra and consult his fellow Cogitors. By that time however Hessra was taken over by the Titans and his fellows were all dead.

On their arrival, the ship was piloted by Rodane when they were intercepted by neo-cymeks and received the last signal of a Secondary-neo who tried to warn them. Rodane then attempted to escape the planet. Keats grasped the controls and accelerated fiercely to lose their pursuers. The speed was so immense that his elderly body could not withstand the pressure; his bones cracked. When Rodane recovered his senses, he found the old Secondary dead, having given his life to save the ancient Cogitor.

Vidad, wanting to revenge his dead fellows, ordered Rodane to pilot the ship to Corrin; the Secondary did so, and Vidad negotiated with Omnius, directing him against the cymeks and warning him about the Great Purge.


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