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Rivvy Dinari was a Swordmaster instructor on Ginaz, and later after the dispersal of the School, was the personal bodyguard of Archduke Armand Ecaz.


Rivvy Dinari was one of the instructors the trainees would study under during the second half of their time on Ginaz. For six months, he taught the philosophy and warrior code of the ancient samurai. He also instructed the students in a form of meditation with three stages known as funestus, partus, and novellus.

The primary focus of Dinari's curriculum was honor. He spoke strongly against the actions of House Moritani when it violated the laws of kanly in its actions against House Ecaz.

Death on Caladan[]

Later, when the Archduke of Ecaz, was visiting Caladan to witness the marriage of Leto Atreides I to his daughter Ilesa Ecaz, the entire wedding celebration was attacked in absentia by House Moritani. Sharp, hexagonal, dagger-edged blades that had been affixed to flower pots, automatically loosened themselves and began whizzing through the air towards both the Atreides and Ecaz families.

The Swordmaster immediately flung himself in front of the Archduke, of whom he had shown to protect his life. One of the blades did cut off the Archduke's left arm, just above the elbow, but the second through sixth blades pierced Dinari's heart, killing him instantly. Sadly the event, which sparked the beginning of the War of Assassins of 10,187 AG; did see the death of Ilesa, as Swordmaster Whitmore Bludd, was unable to save her life.

Dinari was celebrated as a hero by the entire Ecaz and Atreides entourage', and given a hero's funeral on Caladan.

Appearance and traits[]

Rivvy Dinari was an obese man, yet his Swordmaster training enabled him to move with grace. He had mahogany-red hair, with small dark brown eyes which were almost black in color. He spoke with a high, thin voice, which was often described as squeaky. He usually wore his hair in the red bandanna which signified his status as a Swordmaster. He gave his bandanna to Duncan Idaho when Duncan became a Swordmaster.