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Ritka was the chief city and capital of the planet Grumman, and was the central city for House Moritani. As Grumman had all of its' minerals extracted, as well as much of its water and other natural resources shipped off-world; Grumman was considered a dying planet.

Ritka was considered livable only for the hardiest of individuals, as it sat on the edge of a great salt basin, which stretched for over hundreds of miles. It was on this great salt basin, pock marked with holes and furrows, which were left over from mineral excavating machines, that the final phase of the War of Assassins of 10,187 AG between House Ecaz, House Moritani, and House Atreides took place.

Hundro Moritani had placed all of his family's atomics in the caverns and furrows in the area surrounding Ritka; and planned to detonate them when Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV, came to enforce the War's cease-fire. With Leto Atreides I, Armand Ecaz, and secretly Rabban Harkonnen, present; as well as tens of thousands of troops; Hundro planned a widespread massacre.

Ritka and all of the present personage were spared when Hiih Resser revealed to Hundro that even though he had planted many of the atomic weapons in the salt basin, he had purposely not placed the detonators with them, so as to not a major nuclear catastrophe occur.

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