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Rinya Idaho was the eldest daughter of the final ghola of Duncan Idaho and the New Sisterhood Mother Commander, Murbella, and lived during the time of the advent of Kralizec. She was the older twin of Janess Idaho.

Birth on Chapterhouse[edit | edit source]

Rinya Idaho was conceived and born when Duncan and Murbella were both held captive on Chapterhouse on the shielded no-ship, which later was named the Ithaca. As all Bene Gesserit children born in the Chapterhouse Keep, Rinya was whisked away from her mother at birth, and her father was not even told she existed. Different from other children born on Chapterhouse, Rinya was allowed to visit and spend time with her mother.

The Water of Life[edit | edit source]

When her mother became leader of the combined Gesserit/Honored Matres group, the Sisterhood, Rinya took all opportunities that the group presented to her. She was considered a prodigy, excelling in all of her training that the sisters presented to her. To the dismay of Murbella's Gesserit aide, Bellonda, Rinya decided to take the Water of Life at age 14, to try to become a Reverend Mother. Encouraged by Murbella's Matre aide, Doria, Rinya instructed the acolytes to began the ritual.

Even though Janess burst into the room with her mother, she still begged Rinya not to begin the procedure. Headstrong and stubborn, Rinya began the life-changing process, and chanted quietly the Litany Against Fear. To the horror of all present, Rinya died; and Janess burst into tears as her twin sister passed away.

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