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Rikov Butler [ 138 BG - 108 BG] was the second son of Quentin Butler and Wandra Butler.

Like his father and brother, he dedicated himself to the Army of the Jihad.

After the Liberation of Parmentier, Rikov was appointed temporary governor of the planet and worshiped as savior. He lived there with his wife, Kohe and daughter, Rayna. Together they had established a fine estate on a hill overlooking Niubbe.

Rikov participated in the Liberation of Honru where he flew the second wave of kindjals. He was granted a yearly leave by his father but soon witnessed the first hit of the Omnius Scourge.

The retrovirus devastated the population although Rikov did his best in meeting with scientists and doctors and other politicians attempting to isolate the virus and quarantine the planet. He put seven orbital stations that blocked any ships that came or left.

The virus hit his wife first and then himself. Rikov and his wife both collapsed and died from the Scourge in their bedroom. The closest thing to a cure (though undiscovered at that point), melange, was forbidden in the Butler household for religious reasons.

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