Richese was the fourth planet in the Epsilon Eridani star system, and the ancestral home of House Richese.

A once powerful planet, it was at one point a main source of Heighliners for the Spacing Guild. The planet and it's moon, Korona, were famous for technological innovations which included Richesian mirrors, No-Ships, and the original Heighliners.

Unfotunately House Richese made an ill advised decision to engage in full-scale economic warfare with House Vernius of Ix. This led to their slow demise and fostered the popular opinion that House Richese only made copies of Ixian inventions.

As a result of this failure, Ix took over the lucrative Heighliner construction. Part of this loss is attributed to Count Ilban Richese who spent more time with his family then with his businesses.

Years later, Korona was destroyed by imperial Sardauker forces as it was being used to store spice illegally.

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