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Richese in CHOAM - Dune Houses Enhanced

Richese is the fourth planet of the system of Eridani A. Planet served as manufacturing center for Komos.


  • diameter at equator: 55,000 kilometers;
  • land area: 60%
    • freshwater lakes 5%,
    • salt oceans 35%.
  • Polar ice: normal;
  • mean annual temperature: 180°,
    • average low 2°,
    • average high 29°.
  • Geology: rich in minerals and metallic ores; sole source in seventeen sectors of Gallanium, used extensively in microminiaturization.
  • population: c. 2 billion
  • Capital: Lugdunum


Richese produced no foodstuffs itself, the population depended for its very existence on the bounty provided by Komos, their province. Richese controlled Komos through the threat of force: the population of Richese was close to 500 million, and their army was larger than the total population of Komos. Richese forbade Komos space vessels, while maintaining a sizable stellar army of its own.

Richese is the planet that spawned the Butlerian Jihad. Rebels from Komos founded the Front for the End of Koman Exploitation. They discovered on Richese a society designed by self-programming and self-reproducing computers acting in concert with a few thousand technicians and scientists. The horrible experimentation and mutations created things not totally human. What the rebels saw turned their rebellion into a Jihad.

In 198 BG, with the Jihad about to leave Richese for the far reaches of the galaxy, Jehanne Butler ordered those Richesans who did not choose to join her to be transported to Komos as a substantial number of the technicians and mechanics from Richese who survived the wars did. Most of these men and women, able to think and act for themselves, lived to form the basis for the new population of Komos.

After the jihad, the planet was said to be abandoned for 2.5 centuries. Beginning in the middle if the second century B.G., the inhabitants of Ix, (formerly Komos) began to exploit the resources of Richese. With an agreement during the reign of Saudir I, Ix and Richese were left isolated and would supply what technology would be allowed for the next ten millennia.

The population of Richese was strictly maintained by Ix through the reign of Leto II Atreides. Even then, the population is thought to be 40% of its pre-Jihad numbers.