The official religion of the Known Universe or the Corrino Empire was the belief system based on the Orange Catholic Bible, in fact a corcordance of the most important religions of the Old Empire which contained elements from Navachristianity,Buddislam,Mahayana Christianity,Zensunni catholicism and the Maometh Saari religion.These religious beliefs were also known as "Orange Catholicism", "Koranjiyana Zenchristianity" or "Zenchristian Navislam."It's concept of God was a male-female-neuter trinity accepted as Supreme Being also interpreted as the Greatmother or The horned goddess, the feminine principle of space.

There however does not seem to have been one single united orange catholic church, rather the different religious groups seem to have coexisted among the roof of orange catholicism.There also still existed minority groups of pre-orange catholic religions such as Judaism, as far as they were tolerated by orange catholic othodoxy.

Fremen Religion

Sardaukar Religion

Bene Gesserit Religion

Other religions mentioned:

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