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Rekur Van was a Tlulaxa genetic scientist and slaver who lived during the Butlerian Jihad.

During a raid near IV Anbus (one of his best slave-harvesting grounds) he noticed the presence of a machine scout fleet. He reported it to his colleague, Iblis Ginjo, and the Grand Patriarch used this information for defending the planet. After the successful Battle of IV Anbus, Serena Butler promised the injured replacement organs and limbs, despite the general shortage.

Ginjo, for 'saving' IV Anbus, his best slave-harvesting grounds asked a favor in turn: to supply him with more organs, so that the High Priestess' promise would be fulfilled. Van, went to Poritrin to demand slaves that worked for Tio Holtzman, to his much dismay. Then Tuk Keedair approached and proposed Van to seek slaves on Arrakis instead, hoping that this would put an end to the outlaws (led by Selim Wormrider) that sabotaged the harvesting of spice.

Van was present during the League of Nobles delegations on Tlulax, that attempted to bring the planet as a League member. However soon the truth behind the organ farms was revealed by Xavier Harkonnen and Vorian Atreides and the populace turned against the Tlulaxa.

Alliance with the MachinesEdit

Van fled to the Synchronized Worlds and offered Erasmus a sample of modified DNA of Serena Butler. They attempted to create a clone but Erasmus was heavily disappointed, however he found Rekur interesting and enjoyed his company.

Erasmus subsequently removed his arms and legs, and left the core of his body in a life-support socket with a system of nutrient and waste tubes. His limbs were experimentally transplanted into human test subjects, Four-Arms and Four-Legs. With manipulations of a patiently administered system of rewards and punishments the "Stump" as he called him, became an experimental subject. Van however attempted in vain to kill himself by removing the tubes with his teeth.

He later went into the service of Omnius, for whom he created the Omnius Scourge for use against the League of Nobles. After the Great Purge and during the blockade of the planet, Van passed his time with Yorek Thurr who escaped the Purge, only to find himself trapped there. Meanwhile, while all experiments to recreate his limbs had failed, Erasmus asked him to experiment on biometal technology, in order to create shape-shifting humanlike robots.

Van later was put among the Bridge of Hrethgir.


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