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Rakis finds sketch from the Dune encyclopedia

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Rakis finds sketch from the Dune encyclopedia

Leto II Atreides's no-room was a labyrinth of tunnels and rooms enclosed by the two-kilometer diameter of the Holtzman Effect sphere, impressive in its magnitude. The explorers were amazed discovering that almost all the rooms were stacked floor to ceiling with imprinted ridulian crystals with information of an extent comparable to the Atreides Imperial Library, known to have existed, and no story of its destruction had been handed down; even the earliest conjectures guessed that the library was now recovered, and possibly in its entirety. It was apparent that scholars faced an archaeological discovery unparalleled in magnitude in the history of mankind. They held two Discovery Conferences in order to establish an agenda for the planning of the investigation of the find and deciding on procedure and a cataloging system.


As it turned out, that system was not without flaws While critics may argue that other systems would have been superior to the one adopted in one way or another, the fact remains that the Rakis Reference Catalog method is a simple, workable system that has aided materially in getting, the fruits of this enormous and important archaeological find into the hands of the public.

  • A Imperial House Records: Atreides
  • BG Bene Gesserit
  • BL Belles Lettres
  • D Diplomatic
  • E Exploration
  • F Fine Arts
  • G Government
  • H History (post-Butlerian)
  • I Imperial House Records: Corrino
  • J History (pre-Butlerian)
  • K Ixian Affairs and Mentats
  • L Landsraad
  • M Military Science
  • N Natural Sciences
  • O (For future assignment)
  • P Applied Sciences
  • Q (Not now in use)
  • R Miscellaneous Records
  • S Spacing Guild
  • T Theology
  • TL Tleilaxu Affairs & Artifacts
  • U Sport and Recreation
  • V Social Sciences
  • W Planet-Bound Commerce
  • X (For future assignment)
  • Y (For future assignment)
  • Z Zensunni and Fremen

Thus, the first crystal found to contain material pertaining to the Bene Gesserit was labeled "BG1"; the first work on that crystal was assigned the number "1-BG1," the second work on the same crystal "2-BG1," and so on. For example, a picto-disc of the Great Mother found in the hoard carries the Rakis Reference Catalog Number 435-F23, indicating that it is the 435th item on crystal number 23 in the Fine Arts section of the catalog.

Occasionally records were so extensive that they occupy more than one crystal: The Funeral Plain Scrolls, for example, extend through crystals R2345, R2346, R2347 and R2348.

The Funeral Plain Scrolls were misclassified by the original investigators: they should bear "Z" numbers in the "Zensunni and Fremen" sequence. It is anticipated that errors such as this will be corrected only when the investigation is completed; at that time a revised catalog will be issued.

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Works marked with an asterisk are those not found in the Rakis Hoard.


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