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The Rakian Priesthood was a priestly body that worshipped the Divided God, Leto Atreides II. They ruled Rakis during the time the Lost Ones were returning from The Scattering, approximately 1500 years after Leto II's death. They were presumably descendants of the Qizarate.

Theological Beliefs Edit

The Rakian Priesthood maintained that both Muad'Dib and his son Leto II were hallowed, and that Leto was God Himself. Their canon detailed how, after his death, Leto divided into the sandworms and became Shaitan, hence the term "Divided God".

Rule and Later Annihilation Edit


Priestly towers on Rakis

The Rakian Priesthood ruled over Rakis after Leto's death. Their rule was brutal, often marked with random executions by sending people into the desert to be taken by sandworms. However, despite their rule being harsh, the Priesthood was largely populated with individuals who lacked insight but possessed ambition.

At the time of the discovery of Sheeana, the Priesthood was led by Hasmar Tuek, a descendant of Esmar Tuek. However, Tuek was eventually killed by the Tleilaxu and replaced with a Face Dancer, with the approval of the Bene Gesserit. However, the Face Dancer eventually came to believe that he was Tuek.

The entire Rakian Priesthood was annihilated, along with the planet's population, when the surface of Rakis was sterilised by the Honored Matres. They had come to be known as a troublesome, ignorant group by other powers in the Old Imperium, including the Bene Gesserit, the Fish Speakers, and the Bene Tleilax.


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