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Qelso was a planet visited by the no-ship, the Ithaca, after a fold space jump initiated by the ghola of Duncan Idaho, twenty-four years after the vessel escaped from Chapterhouse.

Visited by Odrade's AcolytesEdit

The planet had been visited years earlier by Bene Gesserit Sisterhood acolytes sent out by Mother Superior Darwi Odrade, and seeded with sandworms to create a spice cycle on the lush and fertile world. By the time that the Ithaca came upon the world, sandtrout had already created a vast desert band across the mid-riff of the globe.

Visited by the IthacaEdit

The inhabitants of Qelso were openly hostile to the Bene Gesserit for this reason, and killed the sister, Stokes, as soon as she revealed herself. The inhabitants held hostage the remainder of the crew that went down to the planet to investigate the situation. Duncan, who stayed invisible to the Enemy as long as he was on the Ithaca, decided to lead a rescue team of the group.

The group, which consisted of Sheeana, Teg, and notable others was released by the natives. The gholas of Stilgar and Liet-Kynes, however, stayed behind to help the bitter inhabitants adapt to the encroaching desert and the ever increasing number of sandworms on the world. Idaho, however, had made himself vulnerable to the watchful eyes of Daniel and Marty, and the Ithaca had to fold space again to safety.

Cooperation with the Thinking MachinesEdit

Later, after the Day of Kralizec, the Ultimate Kwisatz Haderach, Duncan Idaho, visited the world with a fleet of Thinking Machines. Duncan explained to Stilgar and Kynes, as well as the exuberant natives, that the Machines were present to build a giant barrier between the encroaching desert and the remaining lush areas of the planet.

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