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Poison Rossak drug was a awareness spectrum narcotic discovered by the Zensunni Wanderers during their stop on Rossak planet.

"Scenes of brutal ferocity opened to her like the petals of a terrible flower. And she saw the thread of the past carried by Sayyadina after Sayyadina--first by word of mouth, hidden in the sand chanteys, then refined through their own Reverend Mothers with the discovery of the poison drug on Rossak . . . and now developed to subtle strengthen Arrakis in the discovery of the Water of Life."
Dune, page 235

Early History[edit | edit source]

The poison drug of Rossak was the first narcotic to unlock the Other Memory of a Zensunni woman (probably an old Sayyadina). The Zensunni history had been passed orally between the Sayyadinas through many times before the usage and refinement of this drug by their wild Reverend Mothers. These women started to secure their own history by Other Memory and Sharing process, because it is virtually unforgettable.

The Poison Rossak drug was surpassed by the Water of Life when the Wandering Zensunni had been forced to migrate to Arrakis, probably because the Water of Life is much more efficient than it.

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