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Pinquer Jibb [d. 203] was a member of the Giedi Prime Home Guard.

When the planet fell in the battle of Giedi Prime by machine forces, he flew in a shuttle and went to Zimia demanding an audience with the League Parliament; however most of the nobles were in the Butler estate for the banquet to honor the marriage of Serena Butler and Xavier Harkonnen, he entered the room in the midst of the celebration.

Jibb later compiled detailed reports and provided Serena with all the background material about the planet in order to organize a rescue mission; he suggested that the subsidiary shield-generator station was nearly finished when the machines attacked the planet and he concluded with Serena to slip in and get it running. Then they could contact and organize the survivors of the Home Guard.

On Giedi Prime, Pinquer Jibb took the controls of the blockade runner and brought it to the polar island's abandoned quays and loading docks. After they had clamped into place, he opened the hatches and the engineer crew of Brigit Paterson started to assemble the shield generator station.

After working for a weeks, Serena decided to fly the blockade runner and intercept the incoming Armada fleet in order to brief Harkonnen. She took Wibsen who suggested that Jibb should be also with them. Less than an hour later, 11 fast-moving mechanical airfoils raced in, converging on the half-submerged blockade runner. Wibsen took an escape pod and hurled himself to the cymeks to buy Serena and Jibb (who lifted the ship off) some tme. Cymeks however broke into the ship. Jibb and Serena armed themselves with pulse cartridge rifles.

They disabled a cymek but next to Jibb, a cymek shaped like a black beetle continued to work its way through the hole torn in the hull. The copilot turned and attempted to fire again, but the cymek thrust a long pointed arm forward. Jibb dropped his gun as the robotic arm plunged through his chest like a spear. Blood blossomed from the center of his uniform and the cymek tore his heart out like a trophy.


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