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Pilingitam is a native tree of planet Giedi Prime.

The wood from the trees was highly prized by artists and artisans throughout the known universe. When it was freshly cut, it was as pliable as any softwood. However, after it was allowed to age and dry, it became a hardwood. Further, it was capable of absorbing many pigments, and it could be made to look like the pigmentation occurred naturally within the wood's grain.

Pilingitam wood was also known to be anti-fungal, impervious to insect consumption, and fire resistant.

The leaves of pilingitam trees had a distinctive lime-green colour.

During the Famine Times, many pilingitam trees were logged but many were also maintained, and some replanted on the orders of the Bene Gesserit, who controlled much of Giedi Prime (now Gammu) when the Lost Ones were returning from The Scattering.

Older pilingitam trees grew to be extremely large. Truly ancient examples were known to spread its leaves over three hectares.

Miles Teg used pilingitam trees as secret markers for the Bashar Burzmali to find when Teg was running from Tleilaxu forces seeking to capture him and the Duncan Idaho ghola in his charge.