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Baron Pausanias Atreides (b. c. 85 BG) was the eldest son of Demetrios Atreides or Baron Tantalos.

He succeeded to the Barony on his father's death in 58 BG.

He had a son, Demetrios Atreides II.

Preceded by
Demetrios Atreides
Baron of Tantalos
58 BG-
Succeeded by
Demetrios Atreides II as Count Thuestes


In Legends of Dune the ancestor of House Atreides and rival of Abulurd Harkonnen/XD who fought in the Battle of Corrin/XD is named Vorian instead of Demetrios.Vorian has only two sons, the twins Estes and Kagin instead of three sons names Pausanias, Theseus and Konstantinos

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