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Count Paulos II Atreides (d. 1044 AG) lived during Feyd I usurpation. He was the father of Isaak Atreides and Alexios Atreides.

Along with Demetrios IX Atreides he tried to organize a resistance to his rule and Feyd branded them as traitors. They were joined by rebel Sardaukar

Feyd's homeworld Ibleam III was hastily attacked by the rebels but the revolution was crushed by Imperial Fleet reserves. Paulos' son Isaak was killed.

Paulos was attainted, stripped of all titles and lands and condemned to death on sight. He fled beyond the bounds of the Imperium with the last survivors of the Imperial House including Prince Corrin and his son, 5-year old Josif I. They conducted various battles during the Civil War against the Imperial forces with very little gain.

He was killed during a surprise attack on rebel headquarters.

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