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The Padishah Emperor (originally just Emperor during the reigns of at least the first five Emperors) was the title of the hereditary rulers of the Corrino Empire, and later the Atreides Empire, and thus the Known Universe, coming from the ancient Persian meaning "Shah of Shahs". They were also known as "Emperors of the Known Universe", and "Emperors of a Million Worlds".

The title of Padishah Emperor was taken by the head of House Corrino after the Battle of Corrin. It was used by the head of that House for more than 10,000 years.

The defeat of House Corrino and House Harkonnen at the hands of House Atreides and the Fremen saw Paul Atreides, as the ruler of House Atreides, become the new Emperor in 10193 AG. Theoretically, when Atreides wrested the Imperial Seat from the Corrinos, both Muad'Dib and Leto Atreides II inherited the title of "Padishah Emperor".

Upon Alia's death and Leto's ascension, the title of Emperor took on a different meaning. Leto's formidable prescient abilities and slow transformation into a human-sandworm hybrid saw him acquire the title God Emperor. After his death, some three and a half thousand standard years later, the title of Emperor became at most a token title, due to the political turmoil that came with the Scattering.

The title ceased to exist after the death of Leto II, when the Imperium was dissolved.

List of Known Padishah Emperors[]

# Padishah Emperor


1 Faykan Corrino I

(88 BG – c. 78 BG)

Founder of House Corrino and its Empire. Originally a General during the Butlerian Jihad, he established the Post-Jihad Council and rose to power through the Cult of Serena, ultimately combining the titles of Viceroy of the League of Nobles and Grand Patriarch of the Holy Jihad after the Battle of Corrin and becoming the first Emperor, a title which later be expanded to Padishah Emperor.
2 Jules Corrino

(c. 78 BG17 BG)

Amended the Venport agreement of 164 BG to "allow competition" to Venport Holdings, ending its short-lived monopoly.
3 Salvador Corrino

(17 BG3 BG)

First Emperor during the galactic civil war. Largely reliant on his brother Roderick in his rule.
4 Roderick Corrino

(3 BG9 AG)

Second Emperor during the galactic civil war. Roderick defeated the Butlerian movement in the Battle of Lampadas and Venport Holdings in the Battle of Denali, and became co-founder of the Spacing Guild with Norma Cenva. First to make the title of Empress Consort more than a decorative role, giving his wife Haditha a minor role in the government.
5 Javicco Corrino

(9 AG – ?)

Roderick's son. Last known Emperor to not have the expanded Padishah title.
Unknown Hassik Corrino III

2000s AG

First known Emperor to hold the expanded Padishah title. Emperor at the time of the Salusa Incident, moved the Imperial capital to Kaitain.
Unknown Ishaq Corrino XV


Designed and built the Ishaq Hall of Magnificent Documents in Kaitain's capital city of Corrinth.
Unknown Hyek Corrino II


Granted House Taligari a holding of nine planets, including Zanovar.
Unknown Idriss Corrino I


Assassinated by his political enemies. Featured in My Father's Shadow.
Unknown Raphael Corrino I


Brilliant politician and scholar. Featured in My Father's Shadow.
Unknown Ezhar Corrino VII


One of the earliest Padishah Emperors of the Known Universe who ruled over the planet Kaitain for several generations, and the defensive protector of the Imperial House Corrino.
78 Vutier Corrino II

(c. 9843 AG – before 9999 AG)

Endorsded the arts.
79 Fondil Corrino III

(Before 9999 AG10018 AG)

Gained a formidable reputation and the nickname "the Hunter" for quelling many revolts, through both military force, cunning, and subterfuge. He also believed that history had to be warped to fit the designs of the Imperium, and it was the duty of the Padishah Emperor to distort it and use it as a weapon.
80 Elrood Corrino IX

(10018 AG10156 AG)

Penultimate Corrino Emperor. Ruled at the time of the Ecazi Revolt and later the Suboid Revolt on Ix.
81 Shaddam Corrino IV

(10156 AG10193 AG)

Final Emperor of House Corrino and its Empire. Shaddam's reign was noted chiefly for the Great Spice War and the Arrakis Revolt. After his deposal, he was exiled to his former prison planet of Salusa Secundus along with Count Hasimir Fenring and his five daughters, Irulan, Chalice, Rugi, Josifa and Wensicia.
82 Paul Atreides

(10193 AG10207 AG)

First Padishah Emperor of the new Empire of House Atreides. Led a twelve-year Jihad for most of his reign. Walked into the desert after blinded by a stone burner in the final conspiracy against him.
83 Leto Atreides II

(10219 AG13728 AG)

Last Padishah Emperor. Crowned after the death of his aunt Regent Alia Atreides and ruled for 3,500 years as a sandworm-human hybrid, guiding humanity on the Golden Path with an iron fist.

Behind the Scenes[]

Both the Ottoman Sultan of Turkey, and the Shah of Iran used to have the Persian title Padishah, which means: "Chief ruler; monarch; sovereign".[1]


The Dune Encyclopedia gives a vastly different account on many of the Corrino Emperors:

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