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Padishah Emperor as depicted in the Dune CCG

The Padishah Emperor was the title of the hereditary rulers of the Corrino Empire, and later the Atreides Empire, and thus the Known Universe, coming from the ancient Persian words meaning "Master King". They were also known as "the Emperors of the Known Universe".

The title of Padishah Emperor was taken by the head of House Corrino after the Battle of Corrin and was used by the head of that House for more than 10,000 years.

The defeat of House Corrino and House Harkonnen at the hands of House Atreides and the Fremen saw Paul Atreides, as the ruler of House Atreides, become the new Emperor in 10193 AG. Theoretically, when the Atreides wrested the Imperial Seat from the Corrinos, both Muad'Dib and Leto Atreides II inherited the title of "Padishah Emperor". However, it would appear that neither of them actually used it.

Upon Alia's death and Leto's ascension, the title of Emperor took on a different meaning. Leto's formidable prescient abilities and slow transformation into a human-sandworm hybrid saw him acquire the title of God Emperor. After his death, some three and a half thousand standard years later, the title of Emperor became at most a token title, due to the political turmoil that came with the Scattering.

The title ceased to exist after the death of Leto II, when the Imperium was dissolved.

List of Known Padishah Emperors[]

# Portrait Padishah Emperor


Shaddam Corrino I


Rule was known primarily for the mining-out of the planet Hagal of all its jewels and minerals.
Elrood Corrino IX

(? – 10156 AG)

Penultimate Corrino Padishah. Succumbed to chaumurky.
Shaddam Corrino IV

(10156 AG10196 AG)

Final Emperor of House Corrino and its Empire. Reign was noted chiefly for the Arrakis Revolt.
Paul Atreides

(10196 AG10210 AG)

First Padishah Emperor of the new Empire of House Atreides. Led a twelve-year Jihad for most of his reign. Walked into the desert after blinded by a stone burner in the final conspiracy against him.
Leto Atreides II

(10219 AG13728 AG)

Last Padishah Emperor. Crowned after the death of his aunt Regent Alia Atreides and ruled for 3,500 years as a sandworm-human hybrid, guiding humanity on the Golden Path with an iron fist.

Behind the Scenes[]

"Padishah" is the title of persian rulers in the persian(iranian) Empires and it means "king of kings". "Shah" is a Persian title which means "King".

Noble Ranks of the Imperium[1]
God Emperor, Goddess Empress, Padishah Emperor/Empress
Crown Prince/Princess, Padishahzadi, Prince/Princess Royal
Regent, Viceroy
Grand Patriarch
Chevalier, Knight

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