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Ort Wibsen (d. 203 BG) was a Salusan Militia space commander. He had a coarse personality and was known to ignore orders and question his superiors. He had a medication dispenser implanted in his sternum which caused him breath problems.

Serena Butler selected him among others for the lead of the strike force to liberate Giedi Prime. He obtained the blockade runner of the mission which he piloted until the planet's pole.

While Brigit Paterson was working on the shields, Wibsen, Serena Butler and Pinquer Jibb returned to the blockade runner to meet with the incoming Armada.

However the ship was detected by machine ships. Wibsen attempted to divert the machines allowing the ship to escape; he ejected himself with a lifepod and did his best to aim toward the robotic targets. The lifepod destroyed two ships before it stopped and Wibsen emerged; he made his last stand with a gray sphere and a pulse cartridge rifle when articulated mechanical claws ripped him to pieces.

His mangled remains were later found by Xavier's recon team after the Armada successfully liberated of the planet.