OpenRA is an open-source implementation of the Red Alert engine using .NET/mono and OpenAL/OpenGL. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.


The d2k mod made it's debut in release-20121019. Since playtest-20130818 the engine supports Dune 2000 file formats natively with no conversion steps required and has most rendering features (including additive blending used for the translucent effects) implemented.


Notable changes from the original include a complete rebalancing of the factions, high-resolution support, internet games (no virtual LAN emulation required) with replays and an e-Sport grade specator mode everything wrapped in a modern GUI with the usability from 21st century RTS games. OpenRA combines all Tile Sets into one ARRAKIS tileset. It was built with moddability in mind as all the game rules are defined in MiniYAML and can be changed with a text editor with no programming knowledge required although the full power is of course unleashed by hacking the source code when downloading the complete SDK with git.


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