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Guild Spokesman (Judge of the Change, Spice Miner's Guild Starter Deck, Dune CCG, art by unknown)

Olar was a Guild administrator who was summoned to Paul Muad'Dib's audience chamber in 10198 AG.

Paul Learns of Thorvald's Plans[]

Paul had learned earlier in the day in a deep spice trance that the rebel Earl Memnon Thorvald and his Landsraad allies planned to attack Caladan, and do the planet and it's people much harm. Before the attacked could be launched, Paul found out through prescience that the Guild had been secretly gathering Thorvald's armies together for the battle.

Once Olar had been brought to Paul's audience chamber, Olar made no attempt to dissuade Paul when Muad'Dib demanded to be taken aboard the Guild heighliner in orbit over Arrakis. Once aboard the spacecraft, Paul and Stilgar were ushered into the presence of Beric, a Guild Navigator who would neither confirm nor deny the plot.

Paul continued to talk about the plot, telling Olar and Beric specific details about the planned Thorvald-led invasion. Olar seemed to be genuinely "in the dark" about the attack on the Emperor's former home planet, but as Paul expounded with accuracy, the Guild men acquiesced.

Paul's Revenge[]

Muad'Dib then talked about the revenge that he wanted to take upon Thorvald and his allies. Paul wanted them to be taken deep out into space, and stranded with no long-term life equipment -- which was done. He also wanted the Guild to transport House Atreides spacecraft to Thorvald's home planet of Ipyr, where the Atredies' starships could sterilize the planet. As a case for compassion, Olar tried to intercede for both Thorvald and his soon to be doomed planet, but Paul shut down his objections, as Beric agreed to the terms.

Later, after the Guild had done exactly as Paul had asked, Olar returned to the Palace to deliver to the Emperor a solido holographic recording of the stranding event. Paul was pleased, commanded Olar to tell the Guild to wait 12 days, retrieve the stranded bodies, and the Guild would receive a generous reward of melange.