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Odusseus Atreides was a child during Feyd I usurpation.

When Paulos II Atreides and Demetrios IX Atreides tried to organize a resistance against Feyd and branded as traitors, he was sent to be apprenticed to tradesmen and sheepherders.

Eventually he escaped and enlisted in the Imperial forces under the name Uulavar Treys. Commandeering a ship, he gave it at Beta Coriolanus and bought the assistance of the Guid for a surprise raid on Ibleam III and IV in 1096 AG which marked the beginning of the end of the usurpation. That raid became a classic example of hit-and-run tactics and cited in military textbooks for millennia.

The Imperial forces losed ground to the rebel attacks and only a few words remained in their hold.

When the House Corrino was restored to the throne, Odusseus was named Count Chalcedony and given vast estates in that system.

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