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Niko Bludd [d. 174 BG] was the great-grandson of Favo Bludd and ruler of Poritrin during the Butlerian Jihad. Lord Bludd had a distinctive red well-cultured beard and a ruddy complexion. He had two little cirles tatooed by his eyes, perhaps signifying his nobility.

Lord Bludd was the patron of Tio Holtzman and his inventions. All of Holtzman's inventions came under the legal ownership of Lord Bludd and his family. Therefore, his family was quite wealthy and Bludd was very fond and trustful for Holtzman. Concentrating not he best profit producing items, rather than the most needed by the war effort.

Lord Bludd, following the custom on his planet, sanctioned slavery. During his days Poritrin saw the two Slave revolts. Bludd ordered his Dragoon guards to stop the revolt and put a Day of Shame on the slaves. As a sign of generosity, he gave amnesty to them but executed their leader, Zenshiite Bel Moulay.

Bludd was a member of the League Parliament. He took a part right before the Battle of Earth.

Well into the war, Poritrin had a commercial issue about Holtzman's and Norma Cenva's glowglobes, illegally sold by VenKee. Aurelius Venport in a strategic move, donned a large part of the profits back to Holtzman and Bludd, in exchange of pesky Cenva. Venport intended to support her new spacefolding project. Bludd consulted with Holtzman and found out that something important was happening in Venport's 'secret' lab. Bludd ordered all the lab to be confiscated, which was eventually done.

Lord Bludd was presumed killed during the second slave uprising on Poritrin, which devastated all Starda.

He was eventually succeeded by Porce Bludd, who in turn spent his wealth to help the victims of The Great Purge.

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