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Beowulf and Barbarossa

Neo-Cymeks or neos refer to new, disembodied cymek soldiers not of the original 20 Titans, recruited from trustee humans living on Omnius-controlled worlds (aka Synchronized Worlds). They were used by Omnius in battle, since they more fully understood human strategy and thought processes.

Later, Agamemnon recruited Neo-Cymeks loyal to the Titans for the purpose of increasing their numbers and over-powering the machines from the 'liberated' population of Bela Tegeuse and Richese, forming their new 'empire'.

The most notable neo-cymek was Beowulf, who was the first to join them in the rebellion against Omnius.

Those new neocymeks had a self-destruct system that would be activated when the original Titans perished. They demanded a reset every 2 years by them. This plan not only prevented rebellion, but also urged them to protect their leaders fanatically, to keep them alive.

Eventually this marked the end of all neos, when Vorian Atreides and Quentin Butler obliterated the Titans in 88 BG

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