Are you a Dune expert?

Help me to smuggle a Dune citation into a diploma master theses!

Thank you for this amazing page.

I´m searching for something, I read in Dune and I need this citation for my diploma theses.

The situation:

There was a captured Benne Geserit sister, tortured by the Honoured Mothers. They were talking about the special ability of Honoured Mothers to sexually enslave a man. The Sister revealed to the Honoured Mother, that Benne Gesserit also has this ability and knows this skill, but they don´t use it, because every technique, which you use so massively, as the Honoured Mothers do, will provoke an anti-raection. And because of that, this technique will soon be ineffective.

Please, do you know, where is it from?

Hi, this is from chapterhouse : Dune. the reverend mother captured is Lucille. the honored matre is the chief of them all (in French" la très honorée matriarche"). Lucille is kept in a huge room with a futar next to her, in a cage (she's not in a cage herself). She dialogs with the chief of the honored matres in various topics, including the one you are talking about.

I do not have the book where I am now but you could easily find it online by searching in one of the numerous Dune ebooks. it is in a section when she talks with the futar, and she also attacks the very honored matre about her chin. by searching the occurrences of "chin" you could find the book zone, and then the quote.


Thank you. I also thought so, but it^s not there. She talks to the matre twice and then she is killed by her. They talk about politics, but they don^t talk about the ability of enslaving man.

I need exactly the moment, when she is explaining, why Bennegesserit doesn^t use it, even if they know that. I tried to search for it in the e-books plus I have the whole serie in my native language at home. But I wasn^t successful.


Try Heretics of Dune. I remember reading about this, but it has been a long time. I also haven't bought any newer books in 5 or 6 years so it isn't in the new ones. I just restarted reading the entire series again.

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