Navachristianity was a religion practiced on Chusuk, and in Starda on Poritrin. The religion apparently combined Christianity with Native American beliefs from old Earth, particularly Navaho spirituality. Many Navachristians on Poritrin were slaveowners, and some only practiced their beliefs in a superficial way.

The combination of Navaho spirituality and Christianity was similar to blended belief system of Buddislam, as a combination of Islam and Buddhism. Navachristians believed in a God or planetary Messiahs, though not necessarily identified with other deities like Buddallah.

Notes[edit | edit source]

It is also a possibility for the term "Navachristian" refers to Navigators, therefore it could also be interpreted as "the Christianity of the space-travellers" or "Space-Christianity" or the element "nava-" could be derived from a word for 'new ' in Sanskrit and indicate a "Neochristianity", possibly merged with forms of Hinduism.

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