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Muad'Dib's Jihad (10193 AG; officially 10196 AG-10206 AG) was a battle after the defeat of Shaddam IV and the Imperial Forces on the Plain of Arrakeen;


When Paul Atreides was enthroned as Emperor, the Landsraad tried to overthrow him. The Bene Gesserit saw the Kwisatz Haderach the prospect of their plans turn against them, and therefore rather than have him live independently of them, they hoped to kill and replace him. Therefore they allied themselves with the rebellious houses.


The Fremen as retribution expanded the battle off world, motivated by religious fervor since Paul was the long awaited messiah and their Mahdi. They expanded from system to system meeting other customs and despiteful religions. The Qizara Tafwid regarded the Jihad as the means to stread their religion. 40 faiths were eradicated.

Paul sent terraformers offplanet to observe at rivers, lakes, oceans and jungles — and then to seek their reduplication on Arrakis.[1]

This Jihad spread throughout the entire galaxy, pillaging millions of planets. A mere ten legions of Fremen managed to overthrow House McNaught and defeat the allied combined forces Malathon and Kalakh, being more than ten times their strength. A few campaigns include those on Naraj and its moons. The Fremen Fedaykin commander Farok was head of the Naraj Campaign.

The only planet that was spared the raging fire of Muad'Dib's Jihad was the home world of House Atreides, Caladan. Lady Jessica, mother of Paul Muad'Dib, refused the Fremen any access to the planet, including religious pilgrimage.

According to Muad'Dub, conservative estimates ranked the Jihad's casualties as 61 billion lives, the sterilization of ninety planets, and the "demoralization" of five hundred additional worlds. Furthermore, 40 different religions were wiped out along with their followers.

Conquered worlds provided Paul with workforce, material and whole structures for his palace.[2]

The surviving forces of the Landsraad with the help of the Bene Gesserit met the Fremen legions in the Molitor system and the Fedaykin made the battles a victory for the Fremen.

Closing of the warEdit

By the time the last forces returned to Arrakis there was no force to oppose the emperor. The tensions between House Corrino and the other Houses was no more. There was only one religion, only one army and where there was a balance of powers between various forces, now was unity. The Bene Gesserit survived as an order without power, the Guild a pawn of the emperor, the Landsraad was a shell and CHOAM was dominated to an extent that the Corrino never managed.

During that period, many elegies and laments were transmitted orally, recorded on alien planets while longing for Dune. Some of them were gathered by Mustava Rozalen in the collection Lament of the Lost.

The Jihad ended in 10206 AG.

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