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The term 'misborn' was used by the Sorceresses of Rossak in a derogatory manner to describe their physically or mentally impaired children, whom they abandoned in the jungles of Rossak shortly after birth.

Because of the Sorceresses' focus on genetic perfection, boys, and any girls born to their group who did not possess their telekinetic powers, were deemed failures. But children born with prominent genetic defects - not an uncommon event on Rossak - were regarded with particular scorn, and were taken out into the wild jungles and left there to die.

However, some of these children survived and lived out their remaining lives, largely in hiding. Some - such as Jimmak, the disowned son of Ticia Cenva - occasionally travelled into the populated cliff areas or assisted the men collecting pharmaceutical compounds in the jungle. However, their long-term presence was not tolerated by the zealous Sorceresses.

It is unclear why Norma Cenva, the dwarf child of Supreme Sorceress Zufa Cenva, was not disowned at birth and permitted to live among the Sorceresses.

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