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"I can always breed new sons"
―Mikael II[src]

Emperor Mikael II Atreides (d. 4915 AG) called "The Depraved" was the son of Atreus Atreides Atreides.

He succeeded his father and seemed to follow his reforms during the first years. After almost dying from chaumurky, he harassed the Landsraad, accumulated personal rule and started an unparalleled reign of terror which resulted in a massive popular revolt.

He left the throne and retired in cryogenic suspension along his son in 4670 AG, with a pretext (released after his disappearance) that he retired to a monastery. His absence was followed by the Second Republic.

His fate remained a mystery until his return in 4813 AG, while keeping imprisoned his son, Mikael III Atreides for most of his life. However when he was restored, he deposed his father in 4888 AG and put him in a prison.

Mikael II escaped in the spring of 4913 AG, rounded a handful of guards and had his sons including Mikael VI killed.

He himself was murdered by a daughter while taking a bath, with a large piece of pure sodium into the water.

His remains were left outside the doorway to his palace to rot in the sun. After him, the Age of Pretenders came followed by the Third Republic; the House Atreides stayed out of Imperial politics for millennia.

Preceded by
Atreus Atreides Atreides
Emperor of the Known Universe
4641 AG - 4670 AG
Succeeded by
Second Republic; eventually Daryai Ezar VI
Preceded by
Emperor of the Known Universe
4813 AG - 4888 AG
Succeeded by
Mikael III
Preceded by
Mikael VI
Emperor of the Known Universe
4913 AG - 4915 AG
Succeeded by
Avelard VIII Sulaiman
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