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Bene Gesserit Mother -Fanart

The Mater Cogita Vera, was the head of the Bene Gesserit Council. She retained the privilege of naming her own successor, served as Patroness of the Council and acted as the model of excellence and integrity, an example of dignity and the triumph of grace and intelligence.

Since the call to become one of the Council was a heavy burden of responsibility, placing inordinate demands physically, mentally, and spiritually on a woman, the Patroness also served as arbitrator, moderator, and adjudicator, and counsellor. Though, ideally, these members would be without malice and envy, joined as they were in a mission requiring cooperation and obedience, in fact there were occasions when the Patroness would be required to intercede. Whenever she detected untoward ambition, her responsibility was to redirect it, all the while encouraging and deepening each Truthsayer's dependency on her leadership.

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