Martyrists were a portion of anti-technology fanatics among the League Worlds, who devoted themselves to the Three Martyrs.

They dedicated themselves to the Butlerian Jihad but not in the name of the League of Nobles, but of the martyrs.

The Martyrists of Parmentier met Rayna Butler who vandalized traces of sophisticated technology during the Omnius Scourge. They eventually joined her and crushed all technology they found in the city of Niubbe. Eventually they destroyed all the machinery of the Hospital for Incurable Diseases. Soon after her mob became the Cult of Serena.

Martyrists were useful in manning the suicidal reconnaissance missions of the Great Purge, flying scout ships and spycraft equipped with spacefolders to and from Corrin and other Synchronized Worlds; this would keep the League updated about the upcoming assault of Omnius, despite a small percentage of losses. Since they longed to die for the Jihad and enter Heaven, and were hastily trained, they were considered expendable and would man spacefolding capital ships and kindjals.

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