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The Shadout Mapes was the head housekeeper in the Imperial Residence in the city of Arrakeen on the planet Arrakis when the Atreides took control of that planet in 10,191AG.

Mapes was one of the first Fremen that many of the Atreides encountered on a personal basis when they arrived on Arrakis. Mapes had approached the Lady Jessica in the hopes of determining if she was the one the Fremen prophecies spoke of. In turn, Jessica managed to learn a great deal from Mapes regarding Fremen superstitions and legends implanted on Arrakis by the Missionaria Protectiva. In true Fremen fashion, Mapes kept a crysknife concealed on her person. However, when she determined that the Lady Jessica was indeed the Bene Gesserit the Fremen legends spoke of, she gave the knife to Jessica, who kept it on her thereafter.

Shortly thereafter, Mapes was almost killed by a Hunter Seeker meant for the Ducal Heir, Paul. In return for saving her life, Mapes informed Paul that the Fremen were aware that a traitor was among them. However, she did not know their identity.

When Wellington Yueh, the House Atreides Suk Doctor dropped the house shields, he stabbed Mapes, who died trying to warn Duke Leto.


Behind the Scenes[]

Mapes was portrayed by actress Linda Hunt in the 1984 movie, by Jaroslava Siktancova in the 2000 miniseries, and by Golda Rosheuvel in the 2021 movie.

Canadian musician Grimes' album Geidi Primes contains songs with Dune references, such as "Caladan", "Sardaukar Levenbrech", "Feyd Rautha Dark Heart" and "Shadout Mapes".