The Maometh Saari was one of the many religious groups who contributed to the Orange Catholic Bible.The Saari also were their religious writings.The name suggest that they leaned on the teachings of Maometh the so-called "Third Muhammed" (1159-1241).The Saari were one of the texts which were only partially incorporated into the OCB and which still featured the Song of Solomon or Song of Songs, which had been omitted in the OCB.


Saari , meaning "Island", might refer to a region in Finnland or Estland or a language in Cameroon, just like the Zensunni they seem to have believed in an amalgation of Islam and another religion, possibly of african, finnish or baltic origin. Alternatively it could be derived from Arabic "saari", meaning "woven cloth". The connection to Maometh might also indicate that the Maometh Saari were either the mother-cult of Zensunnism or a sect that had emerged parallel to it and still preserved the teachings of Maometh from which the Zensunni had broken away.


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