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Manion Butler - FanArt

Manion Butler (250 BG - 166 BG) was an important personality of the League of Nobles.

Husband of Livia Butler, he was the father of Serena Butler, Octa Butler and Fredo Butler who died in youth. After that event, his wife Livia retreated to the City of Introspection.

Manion long served as a Viceroy of the League of Nobles and initially harbored concerns over escalating the conflict with Omnius. He would soon later witness the Battle of Zimia.

When Serena was captured by machines and served Erasmus, she gave birth to Xavier Harkonnen's child, which she called Manion in memory of her father.

In 190 BG he retired from his office and was succeeded by Serena as "Interim Viceroy". During his later years, he retreated in the Butler Estate and specialized on the wines of his cellar. He boasted that the family vintages were the best in all the League Worlds.

Manion Butler's descendents would go on to be major historical figures in the Butlerian Jihad and the founding of the Imperium. He was the great-grandfather of Faykan Butler and Abulard Harkonnen, and so Houses Corrino, Harkonnen and Atreides can trace their lineage back to him.


Preceded by
Unknown, eventually Bovko Manresa
Viceroy of the League of Nobles
?? - 190 BG
Succeeded by
Serena Butler (as Interim Viceroy)