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Erlin Malky (13632 AG - 13724 AG) was the Ixian Ambassador to the God Emperor's court for more than two decades. Erlin Malky ranked as the one member of his people, other than his "niece," Hwi Noree, successful in achieving intimacy with the Lord Leto. He reached this level of familiarity not only because of his efforts toward it, but because of a unique combination of personality and experience which predisposed him toward such a role.


Born to Piter and Charmaine Malky, both members of the ruling body known as the Inquisitors of Ix, Erlin Malky was exposed from his earliest years to the Byzantine intricacies of Ixian politics. He demonstrated his intuitive understanding of the process when, at age tea, he suggested the truly Machiavellian scheme which resulted in the ouster of three senior Inquisitors, and the appointment of his mother Charmaine as the body's effective leader.

Though the prodigy's contribution to this takeover (known in Ixian histories as the "Coup of 13642") was not acknowledged until several years after the deaths of both his parents, rumors of his part in the coup spread to every sector of Ixian government shortly after its success. The young Malky was sought out by those many years his senior in age and experience, and his opinions were taken seriously. Upon completion of his schooling in 13652, he was appointed to a minor clerkship in the cipher division of the Ixian intelligence community.

The appointment was a cover intended to conceal from outsiders the careful training of a new Ixian plenipotentiary. Malky was provided with copies of all important diplomatic messages and told to analyze them Mentat-like, and predict the events which might follow their receipt; these exercises provided much of the youth's advanced training.

In 13659, Malky was put on a permanent retainer by the Inquisitors and released from all normal duties. From that year until his recall in 13688, he was free to visit any of the known worlds, frequently traveling as messenger extraordinaire for his masters but more often as a private citizen. His travels gave him an overview of the various planets and their workings under Leto's Peace; they also provided the Inquisitors, to whom Malky continued to report, a similar comprehension.

When the Inquisitors decided that their objective, the polishing, sophisticating and jading of their representative was complete, they commanded him to return to the homeworld. There he spent a final three years studying the society-in-miniature to which his superiors proposed to send him: the court of the Lord Leto.

Their many years of association proved pleasurable for both Malky and the God Emperor. In the new Ixian Ambassador, Leto found a clever, oddly courageous man who seemed not to be in the least intimidated by the Emperor's godhead. Malky in turn discovered that his sharp-honed intellect and wit were finally being challenged in the manner, for which they were trained. The relationship between them appears to have been both more and less than friendship. While each was always suspicious of the other, a kind of understanding existed between them which permitted greater intimacy than Leto ever allowed his more trusted aides. Their relationship sorely perplexed many members of the court, Leto's majordomo Moneo included, and Leto himself was sometimes puzzled by his own fondness for "the old rogue."

Save for a brief return to Ix in the seventh year of his service, the time at which cells from his body were taken to use in growing his "mirrorclone," Hwi Noree, Malky did not leave Arrakis until his recall in 13712. He left under protest, warning the God Emperor that his replacement was "less than a fool," but his objections were ignored by the Inquisitors. They had their own plans for Malky, primarily for his help in training and educating Hwi Noree.

He did not meet the God Emperor again until 13724, when Leto sent R.M. Tertius Eileen Anteac to the Fish Speaker garrison on Ix with orders to find and capture the ex-Ambassador and return bun to Arrakis for questioning. Malky was brought back (though part of the price for his capture was Anteac's death) and, as arrogant in his familiarity with the God Emperor as ever, confirmed Leto's suspicions about Hwi Noree.

It was his last act in any capacity. Leto, prevented born by memories of comradeship with Malky and by the knowledge that the Ixian was so closely related to his betrothed, alive and free was too great a risk to be allowed; Leto made his desire for the man's elimination known to Moneo and the majordomo executed him at once, relieving his master of the problem.

Preceded by
Ixian Ambassador to Arrakis
13690 AG - 13712 AG
Succeeded by
Iyo Kobat