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Lucilla was a Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother and Imprinter, as well as a descendant of Siona Atreides. Her

Lucilla, disguised as an Honored Matre, from the Hungarian cover of Heretics of Dune.

main task (following orders from Mother Superior Taraza) was to sexually imprint the young ghola of Duncan Idaho, during the latter's training on Gammu. Later, she was Vice-Chancellor of Lampadas in the name of Mother Superior Odrade, and was the savior of the millions of memories of the Lampadas' Horde after its destruction by the Honored Matres.

The Mission on GammuEdit

Alma Mavis Taraza, Mother Superior of the Bene Gesserit, commanded the very talented Reverend Mother Lucilla, to sexually imprint the twelfth ghola of Duncan Idaho that the Sisterhood bought from the Tleilaxu. In fact, Taraza's plan was far more complex than the intelligent and clever Lucilla could have thought. Taraza warned the young sister about the commander of the Bene Gesserit Keep of Gammu, Reverend Mother Schwangyu, an important member within the Sisterhood and, above all, Taraza's main detractor.

Thus, Lucilla, known recently as "The Young Odrade" (due to her physical similarity to elite Reverend Mother Darwi Odrade), reached her post on Gammu, where she was received by Schwangyu. The Old Reverend Mother recognized the talents of her young pair, and also recognized the Atreides lineage from which Lucilla came. Schwangyu also noted that Lucilla had borne three children to the Sisterhood, two of which were from the same father.

Unfortunately for Lucilla, Idaho was impervious to imprinting due to Bene Tleilax genetic manipulation. As a result, Idaho ignored Lucilla's advances, much to the amusement and awe of Miles Teg, who had awakened Idaho's memories at odds with Lucilla's techniques.

Lucilla subsequently posed as an Honored Matre, with Burzmali as her sexual slave, in order to infiltrate the Honored Matre presence on Gammu while in search of the abducted Duncan Idaho.

Despite Lucilla being loyal to the Sisterhood, it was evident to Teg that she had aspirations of her own. Indeed, Teg had mused that Lucilla aspired to the title of Lady, especially since Great Houses were beginning to re-emerge from obscurity.

Lucilla ultimately died as a captive of the Supreme Honored Matre, Dama, after absorbing the memories (and thus, Other Memories) of the Bene Gesserits on Lampadas.


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