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The Lost Ones were the people who left the Old Imperium in The Scattering, as well as their descendants who returned to the Old Imperium approximately 1500 years later.

After the death of the God-Emperor Leto Atreides II, people within the Imperium suffered famine. This in turn led to The Scattering, where countless individuals left the Imperium for uncharted space.

When the Lost Ones returned to the Old Imperium, they brought new technology, customs, languages, food, and political values.

Among the Lost Ones returning were the Honored Matres, the Tleilaxu and their Face Dancers, variants of the Suk Doctor, and many others.

Behind the scenes[]

Though not described in detail and officially named, several types or subclasses of the Diaspora are described in Heretics and Chapterhouse of Dune. Miles Teg and Idaho use their Mentat abilities to classify them:

  • "Friends" - possibly descendants of Reverend Mothers or trained by them. Presumably a sub-class or servants of the Matres.
  • Honored Matres
  • "Inquisitors" - descendants of a type of human imported to Giedi Prime by House Harkonnen: not moved by agony, single-purpose to create pain without the slightest change of expression.
  • Lost Tleilaxu
  • "Narcotic Suks" - descendants of Diaspora Suk-doctors, seemingly addicted to and controlled by an unknown drug.
  • "Observers" - a type of human used to lead and manage more important tasks.


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