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Livia Butler [[[247 BG]] - 166 BG] was the wife of Viceroy Manion Butler of Salusa Secundus and the mother of Serena Butler.

Livia and Manion loved each other very much, and had three children, Serena Butler, Octa Butler and Fredo Butler who died in youth. Livia could not bear this loos and retreated to the City of Introspection. After devoting many sleepless nights to frank discussions with Cogitor Kwyna, Livia Butler became the Abbess of the facility.

After Serena returned with Vorian Atreides and Iblis Ginjo from Earth Serena spent time with her mother in the City throughout the Butlerian Jihad. Livia was aware of Ginjo's machinations and expressed her concerns to her daughter.

Livia died shortly after her husband.


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