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The Lishash Confederation (LC) was formed several centuries after the foundation of CHOAM and made a rebellion (385 AG - 388 AG).


Certain houses defied the Padishah supremacy. There was also a proposed division of shares increasing the emperor's votes on the CHOAM board from 20-21%. In this the Lishasha saw creeping monopoly.

Other houses sharing their views became allied and formed the Lishash Confederation.

The Confederation prepared for a strike for a long time by rehearsing strategy, training infantry and readying fleets of assault ships as stealthy as possible.


The LC claimed its own territory and announced its formation with surprise attacks on Sardaukar forts and outposts. LC forces achieved most of their primary objectives, but with high losses: the besieged Sardaukar launched sorties to bleed and tie down the attackers.

Eventually LC forces somehow managed to take a handful of Sardaukar officers alive, a feat unheard of and offered their captives as hostages.

The Regent Henli I replied, "Let them drink blood." and the captive Sardaukar attacked their captors barehanded and died to the attempt. The others tore out their throats with their fingernails.


Henli garnered a great fleet of Landsraad armies who invaded the LC planets, spearheaded by the Sardaukar who recaptured the forts and outposts.

Henli adopted a policy of ruthless assaults followed by the razing of the captured territory leaving no prisoners. The confederation planets were attacked from every direction and their armies were routed by the speed and ferocity. Lishash was the first planet to fall with Its major cities burned, its rulers publicly executed and its citizens indiscriminately put to the sword. Its colonies followed

The LC allies sued for mercy, at without success until Landsraad General Tomigh, sickened by the carnage returned to the Landsraad Council and disbanded the Landsraad forces.

Henli caught between the Landsraad and the Lion, he had to satisfy both. Without the Landsraad units, he could end hostilities and blame the concession on the Landsraad. All sides were satisfied, and Corrino supremacy was upheld without more massacre.