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Lishash is a planet who formed the Lishash Confederation and was devastated.


Several centuries after the foundation of CHOAM certain houses defied the Padishah supremacy. There was also a proposed division of shares increasing the emperor's votes on the CHOAM board from 20-21%. In this the Lishasha saw creeping monopoly.

Other houses sharing their views became allied and formed the Lishash Confederation.

The Confederation organized a rebellion which lasted from 385 AG until 388 AG. Regend Henli I ordered a retribution who invaded the LC planets adopting a policy of ruthless assaults followed by the razing of the captured territory leaving no prisoners.

Lishash and other confederation planets were attacked. Lishash was the first planet to fall with Its major cities burned, its rulers publicly executed and its citizens indiscriminately put to the sword. Its colonies followed.


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