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Liet Kynes (d. 10191 AG) is a character in the 2021 film Dune. She is the Imperial Planetologist of Arrakis and the Judge of Change following the arrival of House Atreides. Liet is portrayed by Sharon Duncan-Brewster.

Character description[]

As foremost expert on the planet Dune and the ways of its people, Dr. Liet Kynes’ relationship to Dune goes beyond mere duty. An Imperial outsider tasked with overseeing the transfer of power on the planet, her service to House Atreides is complicated by a spiritual connection to both the population and the wild beauty of the planet itself.[1]


The Judge of Change[]

Kynes is first introduced as the Judge of Change following the arrival of House Atreides on Arrakis. She takes Leto, Idaho, and Paul on a tour of the spice harvesting operation only days after their arrival on the planet.

Things become difficult for Kynes when the equipment used to lift harvesters out of the desert fails and the harvester — and numerous members of the crew — fall prey to a sandworm. Leto is furious and expresses the idea that the Atreides have been set up to fail on the planet by the Harkonnens and the rest of the Landsraad; Kynes simply remarks that she has no control over those things and is only there to see in the change.

Providing sanctuary[]

After Arrakis is usurped both by the Harkonnens and the Sardaukar, Kynes provides them sanctuary within an old research facility she and other members of the Fremen are occupying. She explains the history of the research facility and how the purpose of Arrakis changed upon the discovery of the spice melange.

Efforts to hide Jessica and Paul are futile, however, and they are discovered by a hoard of Sardaukar moments later. This leads to the death of Duncan Idaho, but Kynes is able to help them escape to an ornithopter, and remarks that they will meet again later.

Unbeknownst to Kynes, she has been followed by Sardaukar troops and is stabbed through the chest shortly after. She is able to summon a sandworm, however, by thumping on the ground, causing both her death and the Sardaukar troops.

Physical appearance[]


Differences from the original character[]

  • Liet Kynes is adapted from the character of the same name from the original Dune novel.
  • Liet is male in the books, and this is the first adaptation depicting the character as a woman. Liet is Chani's father in the books. It is assumed that Liet will be Chani's mother in the film.
  • Liet appears to be known openly as Liet Kynes, rather than that identity being a secret.
  • Liet's death differs from the book and prior adaptations, in which he is abandoned in the desert without a still suit, and nearly succumbs to a combination of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and delirium before being killed by a spice blow.



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