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Liesco II is the second planet of the Liesco system.

During the Great Dark Ages the planet was governed by House Holtzman which brought up the famed scientist Ibrahim Vaughn Holtzman. The planet had advanced medical sciences and after an accident, Holtzman became one of the first individuals whose brain was transplanted in a prototype axolotl tank wired to a computer.

Subsequently, he fled to space, and used the planetary mass of Liesco II itself to emit his next messages, explaining his discoveries to the excitement of the academic community of the planet.

Liesco II participated in the Wars of Reunification caused by Holtzman himself. Bye 5694 BG the wars were very ferocious.

Around 3832 BG, Liesco II had become a prison world administered by a few orbital comps.

By 1970 BG the Second Reunification arose and Liesco II was again at war this time in a dispute. A two month truce was made amidst the Battle of Liesco XI to welcome the third return of Holtzman.

Liesco II was the place where the Butlerian Jihad ended in 108 BG.